Wednesday, January 12, 2011

May calendar

I'm in charge on MAY and JUNE calendar.
My subject for my part of calendar will be CREAM PUFF for May and ICE CREAM for June. =]
Below are the first calendar that i have done which is CREAM PUFF.

Now I'm going to show you the process.

Step 1 : Open the image that you have choose.

Step 2 : To make my image look more interesting, i decided to add another image into it. Go to FILE > PLACE.

Step 3 : Choose the ERASER TOOL.

Step 4 : Start erasing the extra part.

Step 5 : This is the image that you have done erasing.

Step 6 : I'm going to put the image on the bottom right so I have to FLIP HORIZONTAL.

Step 7 : Move the image to the bottom right.

Step 8 : The image will be like this. However, it looks abit weird.

Step 9 : So, I choose to use DROP SHADOW.

Step 10 : Finally, my image look more realistic with the shadow. =]

Step 11 : Next, i use QUICK SELECTION TOOL and select the top of the image.

Step 12 : Choose the GAUSSIAN BLUR and i used 5.0 pixels.

Step 13 : It will looks like this.

Step 14 : Then, i decided to changed the colour of the plate. I used QUICK SELECTION TOOL to select it.

Step 15 : Choose REPLACE COLOUR and pick the colour you wish to change.

Step 16 : This is the colour that I have chosen.

Step 17 : The colour of the plate have been changed. =]

Step 18 : Now, I will change the background colour. Choose SOLID COLOUR.

Step 19 : This is the colour that I have picked.

Step 20 : This is the final look of the image. =]

 Step 21 : This is the look of our calendar layout.

Step 22 : Place the image that have done edited into the layout.

Step 23 : Then, place the calendar that have been done on AI.

Step 24 : Now, choose the BEVEL AND EMBOSS.

Step 25 : The colour that have been choose.

Step 26 : Repeat for each and every picture.

Here is the final looks of MAY calendar. =]

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