Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here goes to the month of JANUARY with delicious CUPCAKES~~

My theme for the January is CUPCAKES.
Here are some of the steps of how i editing to delicious cupcakes become MORE delicious! XD

1st, select Image> Adjustment> Brightness/ Contrast.

Adjust the brightness and the contrast that you want.

Then i select the background using Magic Wand Tool.

And i blur the background so that the cupcakes can stand out more.
Filter> Blur> Blur More

I select the cream part using the Magic Wand Tool like before and adjust the Brightness/ Contrast.

Next, i have selected the heart shape and adjust the Brightness/ Contrast as well.

Same steps again. Just select the different part.

Lastly, i not really satisfied the colour of the heart shape and i select it and adjust the Brightness/ Contrast again.

*The other 2 pictures editing would probably same with the upper one*  

After done editing 3 pictures of the cupcakes, place(!) it in the calender layout.

After i have placed the picture. to do some effect, right click on the picture's layer and choose blending option.

Choose Bevel and Emboss. And the setting of it: Depth 330%;  Size 40px;  Opacity of highlight mode and shadow mode are 55%.

Same goes to the other 2 pictures.
And this is the final look of the JANUARY CALENDAR!

yumm yumm~~ ^^
Have a nice day! :D

sources: aileen's baking diary; cupcakes and crablegs blog; EAT. DRINK. MEMORY. A Food and Travel Blog

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