Wednesday, January 12, 2011

June calendar

Below are the calendar that i have done which is ICE CREAM. =]

Process of editing>>>

Step 1 : Open the image that you have choose.

Step 2 : Usually small kids love eating ice cream so it gives me the idea for adding a small kids into the image. Go to FILE > PLACE.

Step 3 : Select ERASER TOOL and start erasing the extra part.

Step 4 : The image that you have done erasing.

Step 5 : Next, i use QUICK SELECTION TOOL and select the top of the ice cream.

Step 6 : Choose REPLACE COLOUR and pick the colour you wish to change.

Step 7 : The colour of the ice cream have been changed. =]

Step 8 : Repeat for each and every picture and you will get all this.

Step 9 : Next, I will change the background colour. Choose SOLID COLOUR and pick the colour that I want.

Step 10 : The image will looks like this.

Step 11 : Then, I decided to add a LIGHTING EFFECTS to make it more attractive.

Step 12 : It have become more delicious and interesting. =]

Step 13 : This is the image that I have used the BURN TOOL to some part of my image so that it will be more realistic.

Step 14 : Other than that, I decided to add some shadow into the small kids. So, i use DROP SHADOW.

Step 15 : This is the final look of the image. =]

Step 16 : Place the image that have done edited into the layout.

Step 17 : Then, place the calendar that have been done on AI.

Step 18 : Now, choose the BEVEL AND EMBOSS.

Step 19 : Repeat for each and every picture.

Here is the final looks of JUNE calendar. =]

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