Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why hello there~ Camille here~
So basically this week we discussed about who's gonna be in charge of which 2 months and their main picture. Oh and we're doing our calendar for the year 2011. So what did I get?? Well, I'm assigned for July and August, and my pictures for this two months are..............*drum roll*

"Cookies and Pies"~~ Yum yum~ :9

So I guess I should start hunting for shops with delicious, mouth-watering cookies and pies to take photos of~
well, that's all from me for now~ Cheers~ :]

People who in charge the month and what picture will it be~

New update for this week!~
I am the leader of the group, so i will be doing the January and February.
And my picture for this 2 months gonna be cupcake and tiramisu~
Ling will in charge on March and April.
Alice, May and June.
Camille, July and August.
Yau, September and October.
Lastly, Yen Li, November and December~

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our theme~ :))

Today in computer graphics lecturer class,
we all have decided that our theme is going to be DESSERT~! :D
So i think soon we will be start doing for the pictures which maybe outing once a week.. >.<

Have fun working together group mates! XD

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Ehemm.. I'm Cham Yang Hui.
I'm the group leader of the GOLDEN CHOPSTICKS!!! XD
The reason we're called chopsticks is because we're always in 3 pairs. (lol~)
pairs pairs.. automatically think of chopsticks! XD
Anyway, this is the blog that we're gonna use for our computer graphic assignment 2, Calender.
And we planned to do about food for the calender pictures..~
And it also has the connection with the name of chopsticks! haha..

Have a nice day! ;)