Thursday, January 13, 2011

December - Retouching Pictures + Calendar

'Tis the season for brownies! This post includes my picture retouching progress, as well as the final look of the calendar.


First of all,  i changed the colour of the table by selecting it with the Quick Selection tool and then the Hue/Saturation adjustment.

Also, i applied the Levels tool which i rather useful in producing a deep effect of contrast. You'll need to try and test with the values to know what you want. Then i used the usual Colour Balance and Curves Tool.



This picture has been retouched with the Colour Balance tool, Levels tool and Curves tool. You can see that the deep colour of the chocolate gives it a rich and supreme feel compared to the original one.


The first thing i did was to get rid of the crack of the yellow M&M with the Spot Healing Brush tool and Smudge tool. I also used the Spot Healing Brush tool to remove some unwanted bits and pieces on the other M&Ms because they are very distracting. After that, i continued with the Colour Balance tool as well as the Levels tool to make the picture brighter.

Put together, the complete calendar looks like this:


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