Thursday, December 23, 2010

Background of the layout

Each of our group members ought to search for a background which is suitable to our calender.

by alice low
by lee chen yau
by kan yen li
by me ( pei ling ) (final background)
by cham yang hui
by camille koh

After we have a discussion again , all of us decided to use pink polka dot as our calender background .

Reason : 
Pink color is the most suitable color for dessert . Pink color represent sweet , women or young girls. When we talk about dessert , first sense is girly . Gals like to eat dessert , because the pink  polka dot background represent girly so we choose to use it . Besides , polka dots are so elegant which is suitable for dessert . The simple circles in the this picture make a wonderful background to our calender.  We want to make our calender simple , but not simply ~

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